Make the most of the East Yorkshire coastline and countryside.

Boats,Vehicles and Kites


The East Riding coast and countryside is home to two boat launching sites and has space for a number of activities, including jet skiing, quad biking and power kiting. Please make sure you stay safe and have the landowners permission when doing any activities on private land.

Boat and Jet Ski Launching

East Riding of Yorkshire operate two public boat launches, both run under licence by third parties. There are also a number of private boat launch clubs along the East Riding coast. Launching of any vessel is only permitted at authorised slipways and under strict adherence to the boat users regulations. You must follow the personal watercraft code of conduct, and be respectful of the wildlife and other sea users. Failure to do so can result in withdrawal of permission to launch.

Launch at Bridlington
Bridlington Bay boat launch is situated to the south of Bridlington, near South Cliff Holiday Park. This compound caters for day launched and berthed boats and personal water craft. Once on the water there are a number of interesting places to visit, especially around Flamborough Head, or simply head out to sea for a quiet day's fishing. Please ensure you remain a safe distance from the tideline – the waters around Bridlington are very shallow so you will find swimmers quite a long way out! For more information about launching and berthing in Bridlington, please contact Mark on 07578 952452 or visit the Bridlington Bay Launch Facebook page.
Launch at Hornsea
Hornsea boat launch similarly caters for day and berthed launches, and is run in conjunction with Hornsea Inshore Rescue. The compound is undergoing development in early 2020 to increase the area for berthed boats. You can visit the Hornsea Boat Launch Facebook page.

Jet Skis

Jet Skis must keep 300 metres seawards from the tide edge except when launching. Failure to adhere to this will result in refusal to launch from either of the Council sites

The inshore area around Flamborough Head and Filey Brigg is protected out to 2km. Within 300m of the cliff-face is Zone One, the rest of the protected area is known as Zone Two.

Zone One: The No-Wake Zone
When you are within 300m of the cliff-face, maintain a no-wake speed. A fast-moving craft travelling too close to the cliffs can create panic in the birds and cause them to leave their nests. Be aware that birds can also be disturbed by vessels travelling through archways and caves. If you see any birds flying away from the cliffs in response to your presence, move further off-shore.
Zone Two: The Awareness Zone
When you come across groups of birds on the sea, slow down to a no-wake speed and go around the group. Remember that a fast-moving craft doesn't allow time for birds to get out of the way. There are no speed restrictions outside of the protected area, however, please be aware that birds gather in groups for many miles into the North Sea, particularly around the colony.

Power Kiting

Power kiting can be done at Bridlington and Fraisthorpe Beach. However, Fraisthorpe Beach is much more popular than Bridlington for power kiting especially during the summer months when Bridlington can become crowded.

When power kiting please be considerate of other beach users and obstacles on the beach, such as tractors and Second World War bunkers! More information and the full code of conduct for power kiting at Fraisthorpe can be found on the Kite Surfing UK website.

Off Road Vehicles

No mechanical-powered vehicles (e.g. quad bikes, dirt bikes, ATV's, pick-ups etc.) are allowed on East Riding's beaches or associated dunes without written permission. Any vehicles without permission that access these areas will be deemed in breach of the law and may be prosecuted.